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Tribe Team Training™ - Ask Your Body A Different Question

What Is It?

TRIBE Team Training™ is a cost effective way for everyone to get the expertise, guidance and regular training from a TRIBE Coach. The programmes developed by TRIBE Team Training™ are results based that help create an exercise habit for a lifetime.

Who Is It For?

TRIBE Team Training™ members will experience fun, belonging, support, reassurance and personal challenges all in a dynamic motivating environment that will respect their individuality so they can achieve more.

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History has shown us that by working as a team we gain far greater results than when we work on our own. TRIBE Team Training™ is all about building our tribe, our team, and ourselves. Our aim is to be the best, work hard and exceed expectations. No one gets left behind.

We unite together, we work together and as a result we grow together. We are one body, one unit, one team – one tribe.


Welcome to our TRIBE, Together We Achieve More.

How Does It Work?

Each programme is delivered by a certified TRIBE Coach in 6 week cycles with a week recovery before the next season begins. There are seven new seasons developed and released every year. Each programme is designed with specific pillars that ensure progression and success each and every time. All programmes are prepared for TRIBE Coaches to deliver exactly as they are designed. This will allow each class to be delivered in a way that inspires participants to work harder than they ever thought possible and come back wanting more.

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All the TRIBE Team Training™ programmes are supported by the latest music along with coaching education and certification ensuring that members of the TRIBE community get nothing but the best team training experience and care available.

TRIBE Team Training™ members will feel the benefits of team training season after season. No matter which programmes members choose, they will always form a strong habit and continue to come back for more. Even though we strive for our own results as individuals, it is the team momentum that creates the dynamic environment for individual success.

Tribe Fit - Fit, fast, strong. Duration: 50 minutes. Workout: High Intensity / Functional / Dynamic. Results: Improves functional fitness and strength for all-over athletic results as well as an athletic look and feel.

TribeFIT™ is a high intensity functional fitness workout designed to make you fitter, faster and stronger.

Tribe Core - Toned, strong, powerful. Duration: 50 minutes. Workout: Moderate Intensity / Functional / Low Impact. Results: Improves core toning, strength, stability, power and flexibility for a slim waistline and athletic performance.

TribeCORE™ is a core strength and flexibility workout intelligently designed to bring toning, strength, stability and power to your core.

Tribe Life - Active, fit, energised. Duration: 50 minutes. Workout: Moderate Intensity / Functional / Low Impact. Results: Improves total body strength, fitness and toning bringing renewed energy.

TribeLIFE™ is a low impact fitness workout that will get you ready to live life to the full.

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Up to 10 people per team. All equipment provided.
Members & non-members welcome.
Chat to your manager in-club about payment options.

Incredible fitness results have been achieved with TRIBE™ and we know that once you try this amazing program you’ll see yourself achieving incredible results as well. FREE trials are held on a regular basis – spaces are limited so please contact us to secure your place!

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Grab your mates or alternatively we can team you up with other like-minded people.
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