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Frequently Asked Questions

Rest assured we have heard your pleas for help ifeelgooders!
Find the answers to your most frequently asked questions below!

Are ifeelgood clubs 24/7 at the moment?

At this point, under the Stage 2 restrictions, we are not permitted to operate 24/7. However, we have put additional team members on, so that our clubs can extend their open hours and help cater for your schedules. At this stage it’s not clear as to when we will be able to open 24/7 but you can be sure we’ll let you know as soon as we find out.

What are my clubs Open Hours?

All ifeelgood clubs are operating under a set of extended open hours to help cater for your schedules. Each ifeelgood club has slightly different open hours based on when our members typically use that club. You can find the open hours of your club by visiting the clubs webpage on this site. Scroll to the ‘Get In Touch’ section for open hours and contact details. Don’t forget that any ifeelgood member can use any club so if the hours don’t quite suit you, checkout another ifeelgood club closeby and feel free to drop in there instead.

What about Classes?

At this stage classes have been put on hold because of the facility patronage restrictions. However, small group Personal Training with an ifeelgood Trainer is permitted with up to 3 clients.

Can I still get Personal Training?

Our personal trainers are not only operating but are under the pump, helping members get out of isolation livin’. If you’d like to find out more, checkout your clubs Cheer Squad on the website club page and have a chat with your local club manager.

Do I need to book to go to the club?

Not at ifeelgood! We’ve published the club busy times for each club (they do differ) on the club page on the website to help you plan your visit. We’re only permitted to have a maximum number of 20 patrons in each club at one time but with good planning you can be sure to be able to get in and pump out your workout without having to wait.

Is there a workout time limit?

So that everybody gets their workout in and to minimise any waiting (even in the busy times), club attendance is limited to 45 minutes. This is from the time you check-in to when you finish up your visit.

Are there any extra fees or charges?

There are no extra fees or charges at the moment despite the additional cost to operate (team members, cleaning etc.). On the contrary, most existing members (members who were with us at lockdown) will receive a reduced fee! A gift from us, our way of saying thankyou for sticking with us. To find out more checkout your email or chat to your local club manager.