I hated feeling trapped and used by Gyms!

I hated feeling trapped and used by Gyms!

Ben hates being trapped into lock-in contracts (he really really does). Previous experience left him feeling like other gyms were more interested in what they could get from him, rather than provide for him.

So when he found ifeelgood he was pleasantly surprised. He was expecting a 'normal' gym. But instead, was amazed when environment and relationship took over.

I've always said this is not a normal gym. It's actually the first gym I've ever felt was a club.. I walk in and it actually takes me a long time to get started because I'm saying hello to everyone!

The Gym Nuts
Scared Me!

The Gym Nuts Scared Me!

As an older member of gyms, Nicola often felt intimidated by the beautiful young girls and guys at the gym.

The diversity of the ifeelgood family was just what she needed. Young, old, different shapes and sizes, and the personalities!

They are very welcoming. The confidence I’ve built through friends as well as training is just fantastic. ifeelgood is family! I keep saying family; but that’s exactly what it’s like!

i felt out of place as a rookie!

i felt out of place as a rookie!

Mel felt intimidated by the gym because she wasn’t really sure what to do or who to ask! She would search exercises on Instagram so she didn’t feel out of place and look like a rookie.

This all changed when she started at ifeelgood, and she’s soooo glad she did.

ifeelgood is literally like a family and anyone would be happy to help you…

...I feel like everything in me has strengthened because of coming here.

Drop gym intimidation, join the fam and start feeling good today.

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