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We’re back baby!

We’re back to 24/7 access, unlimited workout times and operating at maximum capacity (No more waiting during the busy periods!). Find out more on our WORKING OUT COVID FREE page.

Can’t wait to see you back in the club with your feelgoodfam and smashin’ out those COVID blues.


We’ve slashed out the extra gym features no one needs (like saunas, pools and rock-climbing walls) and tailored a unique space you’ll ACTUALLY USE including;

Power Rocks
Free weights
Dumbbells (Up to 50kg)
Pin-loaded Weight Circuit
Cool Functional Training Room
Touch Screen Cardio Equipment with TVs

Air Conditioning
Community Hangout Zone
Fitness Zones to Suit Your Style
Personal Showers and Bathrooms

Easy Club Access
Open Storage Lockers
24/7 Access to All Clubs
Plenty of Handy Parking


Whether you’re just starting out or eager to push yourself to the next level, we’ve got a whole bunch of support and training options that’ll help GUIDE YOU on your journey;

Personal Training
Club Orientations
8 and 12 Week Challenges
Personalised Workout Plans
K.I.S.S. Do-It-Yourself Fitness Programs
A bunch of members who love to encourage and support each other


Whether it’s enjoying time with friends, doing something you didn’t think you could or even just having some ME time, the ifeelgood experience is about enjoying what you’re doing and having a blast with the rest of the feelgood fam – awesome people who care!!

For us it’s all about providing an experience that ADDS TO YOUR LIFE with people around you that you love hangin’ with.


Grab some mates and put yourself out there with our awesome INSTRUCTOR-LED class options. Choose from a VARIETY of classes that tick your box: beginner, advanced, one-on-one, group, chill and high energy.

Booty Bands
Upper Strength
Lower Strength
Boot Camp



Hi I’m Bec! I’m a full-time club manager at ifeelgood. I love to help others & have a huge passion for fitness & health!

My passion for fitness started after having 2 girls and stacking on a heap of post baby weight. I successfully completed my own transformation and made my dreams & goals come true by losing 30kg and stepping on stage taking out multiple first place titles in fitness modelling.




Hi, I am the Club Manager at ifeelgood Oxenford. As a child I was always quite into sport and being athletic, throughout my teenage years I faced a lot of struggles which lead to me to a horrible mental state and an unhealthy relationship with food and I was terrified of gaining weight, the thought of eating a whole meal made myself feel ill, I had no confidence, lethargic, embarrassed of how I looked, I became quite depressed. I hit rock bottom.

I finally decided to take control over my life. I hired a coach to gain an understanding of nutrition. My journey wasn’t easy. I had so many moments of wanting to give up and forgetting why I started. It required me to do a lot of pushing through. After 3 years of dedicating time to understand nutrition, I finally gained 15kg and now have freedom with food and I eat over 2000+ calories with confidence.

#Fitness #Strength #Coach #PreNatal #PostNatal



Hello! I am one of the coaches here at ifeelgood. You may have seen my face around the gym, as I have been a long-term member. I am extremely passionate about health and fitness. I thrive on helping individuals achieve their overall goals to live a fulfilled, healthy, and long-lasting lifestyle.

Remember, your body achieves what your mind believes!

#GroupFitness #Mobility #Coaching



Hi ifeelgooders! I am a coach here at ifeelgood Oxenford. I am super excited to join the community and get to know each of you. I am here to help you succeed in your health and fitness goals, whether it be helping with weight, improving your strength and performance, or improving your overall well-being. I would love to be a part of your success story.

#Fitness #Strength #Coach

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Per Week*$17
Prepaid Annual$655


Joining Fee$89
Club Key$45

*Billed Fortnightly. Direct Debit fees included. Four weeks membership cancellation notice is required upfront ($68) at joining

MONDAY8.00AM – 12.00PM3.00PM – 6.00PM
TUESDAY8.00AM – 12.00PM3.00PM – 6.00PM
WEDNESDAY8.00AM – 12.00PM3.00PM – 6.00PM
THURSDAY8.00AM – 12.00PM3.00PM – 6.00PM
FRIDAY8.00AM – 12.00PMUnstaffed
Six for Six (1)


New members only. $6 per week for 6 weeks then $17 per week thereafter billed fortnightly. No long-term lock-in contracts. Direct Debit fees are included in the price. No cancellations or holds during the discount period. Four weeks notice (at full membership rates) is required when cancelling. The offer ends 29 May 2024. Terms and Conditions apply.

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New members only. $6 per week for 6 weeks then $17 per week thereafter billed fortnightly. No long-term lock-in contracts. Direct Debit fees are included in the price. No cancellations or holds during the discount period. Four weeks notice (at full membership rates) is required when cancelling. The offer ends 22 May 2024. Terms and Conditions apply.

Don’t miss out!

Pay just $7 a week for your first 10 weeks! No lock-in contract, no joining fee, and get 24/7 access to ALL clubs

We don’t have hidden fees
What you see is what you pay for with ifeelgood. Just $17 a week billed fortnightly. No other fees, no lock-in contracts, and 24/7 access to all ifeelgood clubs.

Gym Franchise For Sale Brisbane – Start Feeling Good Today!

Interested in buying a gym franchise? Our philosophy focuses on providing fun, fresh and affordable fitness – the good news for those wanting to be part of our family is that ifeelgood24/7 franchises are for sale! We are looking for motivated, passionate partners across Australia who want to join the express fitness revolution.

Becoming a part of the ifeelgood family is not like buying a 24 hour gym franchise from any other company in Australia. Our franchisees enjoy the benefits of an energising and motivating environment whilst actively contributing to the wellbeing of their communities. We have a highly experienced management team that is committed to guiding you through the setup process as well as supporting you in maintaining a successful club.

As an ifeelgood franchisee you will enjoy the support and rewards that come with becoming a part of our family. We will be there to help make your club a success!

Whether you’ve always dreamed of owning a gym franchise or whether you’re just looking for a change of pace – get in touch and start feeling good today. We can’t wait to hear from you!