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The No-Excuses Cardio Workout (It’s Only 10 Minutes!)

A Workout You Can’t Refuse

runner legs stretched on wooden floor with drinkSometimes, when your motivation is low, the thought of doing an intense gym session can seem like too much effort to fit into your busy schedule and you invent reasons why you can’t exercise.

But you don’t have to spend hours slaving away on equipment to make progress—high-energy, brief bursts of exercise can give you fantastic results and leave you feeling energised.

High Intensity Workouts have a range of benefits and studies show that going hard and fast make sure that your heart rate becomes elevated, enhances your metabolism and even helps your body expend more calories!

Best of all, the quick workouts recommended in high-intensity interval training are so short that you can work wonders for your health and physique in a matter of minutes!

No Excuse Workout: How to

This simple, structured cardio workout can be done on its own or as a complement to any kind of training regime. It only takes 10 minutes, targets your core, strengthens and tones your body and requires no special equipment so you’ll be hard pressed to find a reason not to try it!


Like with any exercise session, get your body ready and avoid injury by stretching before and after.

To make the workout more comfortable, preferably perform the exercises on a mat.

Exercise 1: Jumping Jack/High Kick Combo

Step 1: Warm up by gently jogging on the spot then start doing a jumping jack, followed by a high kick. Continue alternating between these moves for 15 seconds.

Step 2: Take an active break for 10 seconds by keeping your feet moving, either by jogging or shuffling on the spot.

Step 3: Repeat twice then continue active break.

Girl Doing Fitness PlankExercise 2: Plank Steps

Step 1: Assume high or low plank position.

Step 2: Extend one leg to the right then step back in and repeat on other side. Think of it as your foot going ‘out out/in in ‘

Step 3: As above, take an active break (just keep moving) after 15 seconds and complete the exercise 3 times in total.

Exercise 3: Switchfoot Burpee

Step 1: Drop down to the floor in a plank pose then immediately jump back up and move your legs back then forward.

Step 2: Take an active break in between and repeat twice at the same time interval.

Exercise 4: Russian Twist

Step 1: Sit down on the ground with your knees bent in front and twist your upper body from side to side, keeping your arms near your chest.

Step 2: Take a break and repeat as above.

Exercise 5: Leg Drop Toe Touch

Step 1: Lie down with your legs elevated straight up in the air.

Step 2: Place your hands behind your head and crunch upwards to touch your legs, alternating between placing one leg down as you return to the ground.

Step 3: Continue active break in between 3 intervals then take a well-earned rest. You’ve nailed it!

Like the sound of this?

If you’d like some extra tips on workout form and technique, get in contact with one of our knowledgeable PTs and experience the awesome effects that a regular fitness routine can have on you!