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Staff Spotlight #3 – Daniel

daniel from ifeelgood 24/7 Indooroopilly gymIn our 3rd staff spotlight, we have Daniel from ifeelgood 24/7 Indooroopilly. Reaching his one year anniversary, Daniel has been part of the Indooroopilly team since August 2014.

Why did you become a PT?

I have two older brothers that are qualified PT’s and I have always had an interest in weight training. Also, having a sporting background helps too.

What do you enjoy most about being a PT?

I really enjoy helping my clients achieve their fitness goals, regardless of whether that’s; fat loss, increase strength/size, etc. I always aim to make it enjoyable (as best I can) for my clients and try to keep it interesting for them.

Tell us about a specific client: their fitness journey, how it changed their life for the better, how you got involved with that?

It’s hard to single out one client because they all have their own achievements. The most impressive I think is Louis. He came to me wanting to lose body-fat, while holding on to some muscle mass. In just his first month with me, he lost 4kg while taking 12cm off his measurements (4cm off the waist). And what made this more pleasing were the strength gains he made while he was losing weight. It was a testament to his work ethic in the gym because he trains the house down!

What is your personal favourite workout routine?

Can’t say I have a favourite workout specifically, but I enjoy doing exercises that incorporate your whole body like, overhead walking lunges, dumbbell snatches, renegade rows and farmer’s walks.

How do you keep healthy outside of work?

I play cricket for South Brisbane so that gives me a certain level of accountability with training. Given that I’m a pace bowler I have to keep my strength up, especially in the legs. I also do a ton of sprint work and medicine ball throws to help my bowling.

What is your top tip to stay motivated and fit?

Try to make it enjoyable and goal-orientated. The stuff you do in the gym needs to take you towards your goal but also needs to have a fun element. Want to lose weight but hate doing boring cardio? Join a group class or social sporting team and do this on top of your own training. Want to gain a bit of muscle and size? Grab a mate and try to out lift each other (safely, of course). Aim to get to the point were you look forward to going to the gym. It should be something you want to do rather than something you have to do.