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Staff Spotlight #1- Nicole

Today we are introducing a new category on the blog: Staff Spotlight, which will consist of interviews with one of our beloved PTs every few weeks.

Who better than Nicole to launch this new category? We thought it was only fair, after all Nicole has been featured on the blog many times before to tell us about her weight loss journey and the impact her life change had on others!

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Hi there! Who are you?

My name is Nicole Sorbello and I’m 42 years young. I started working at Ifeelgood 24/7 Coopers Plains in April 2014.

Why did you become a PT?

I became a PT after achieving my own successful weight loss of 65 kgs and after becoming totally obsessed with the idea of sharing my knowledge and experience with anyone who wanted to listen and learn.

What do you enjoy most about being a PT?

Changing the lives of others in a positive way is definitely a highlight of being a personal trainer. Also helping people achieve the best they can be is a hugely rewarding. I love seeing peoples state of mind change from “I can’t” to “I can”!

Tell us about a specific client and their fitness journey

My client Patty suffered serious injuries in a car crash a few years back and had to have life-changing surgery to save her life. She has limited range of motion, limited use of some major muscles groups (due to surgery she had to have) and her overall confidence levels were pretty low. Patty and I work together to ensure we train within her capabilities and with her restrictions. Since training with me I have seen Patty lose 8 kgs and regain her confidence and sense of purpose.

Your personal favourite workout routine?

My personal favourite workout is cardio box. Oh and I really enjoy a good Body Attack class too!

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How do you keep healthy outside of work?

I am someone who can’t sit still so you’ll always find me out and about somewhere, either bushwalking, bike riding or swimming. I have learnt that as well as a healthy body, a healthy mind is also essential, so I need my share of downtown to stay sane. For this reason, I will undertake the occasional massage, Pilates class or try anything that forces me to just stop, sit back and relax.

What’s your top tip to stay motivated and fit?

Workout with friends who are likeminded but most importantly be honest and accountable to one person – YOU.


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