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Are You Sabotaging Yourself? Handy Hints For Improving Your Workout Results

 “Why am I not losing weight?”

“Why am I not getting fit?”

“Why aren’t my abdominals toning up?”

These are all questions that hundreds of gym-goers ask every day – sometimes exercise doesn’t always generate the results you want, especially if you are working out without the help of a professional.

The first thing we have to say to you is – don’t give up! The fact that you’re making a regular commitment to better your health and wellbeing is an incredible start. Read on to see how you may be sabotaging your work out (and to figure out how to take some steps in the right direction!)

Have A Routine

Having a gym routine will help you see better results, and you’ll most likely find yourself going more frequently too. On-again off-again exercise is a sure fire way to slow down your progress, so make sure that gym time is a regular commitment!

Not only should you have a routine for when you go to the gym, but you should also have a regular plan for what you’re going to do when you get there. If you find yourself absentmindedly using random equipment we can almost promise you that exercise won’t be working as well is it could (basically, you’re majorly jeopardising your progress). The Internet is an incredible resource for exercise plans, but when it comes to designing workouts, you really can’t beat expert advice from a personal trainer. So if you’re searching for inspiration, come and visit our super friendly staff or contact us for more info!

Improving Your Workout Results

Mix It Up

Have a routine? Mix it up? Are you confused yet?! Let us break it down for you.

You should have a routine when it comes to workout frequency (including how often you go the gym and which parts of your body you pay attention to) but you should mix it up when it comes to intensity and style of exercise. For example, every time Silly Sally goes to the gym she runs for exactly 2km on the treadmill, does exactly fifteen minutes on the rowing machine, and then spends 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer. Sally does this day in, day out, and is wondering why she doesn’t look and feel like Fit Felicity.

If this sounds like you, remember that you need to challenge your body! A varied range of exercises will make sure you’re forever improving, working muscles you didn’t even know you had!

Nourish Yourself (And Glow from the Inside Out!)

There’s a common saying we love at ifeelgood24/7, and that is: “abs are made in the kitchen”. You are what you eat, and every time you put something inside your body, your wellness should be front of mind! Here are some common mistakes that could be compromising your workout results.

  • Not eating enough protein

It doesn’t just have to be meat! Other sources of protein can include: eggs, nuts, spinach and soy.

  • Not eating enough carbohydrates

Whether you like it or not, carbs are our body’s primary source of fuel! Yes ladies, we’re looking at you. Carbs should not be a “fear food”. Aim for low GI foods like grain based products and lentils to keep you going for longer.

  • Not drinking enough water

Hydration is vitally important – if you don’t drink enough water you may be left feeling nauseous and weak after your workout.

  • Bingeing post-workout

Treats are good, and we are in no way advocates for strict rules concerning food. Despite this, eating a whole block of chocolate post-gym is probably not a great idea: the sugar high (and resulting low) will make your body slump, not sing. If you have a sweet tooth, try making protein balls with date and coconut for a healthy snack alternative.

So there you have it – if you’re exercising inconsistently, sticking to the same work out and eating poorly, you are seriously hindering your ability to tone up and slim down. We’re so proud of you all for kitting out and turning up to our clubs on the regular, but it’s time to take the next step towards becoming a more efficient and more effective gym junkie! Time is precious, so why not make the most of it?