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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don’t make all my sessions?

Life is a marathon not a sprint. Your trainers will work with you to assist you in any circumstances. There is no pressure to meet any criteria, just support to help you on your journey!

What if the workouts are too hard?

Our team of fantastic trainers have all been coached through different ways to alter exercises to adjust them to a level to suit all, while keeping the same benefits. Which means that people of all levels can participate at their own specific intensity!

What if I miss out on my body scan on the date it is at my club?

The Body Composition Scanner will start at Indooroopilly and finish at Middle Park. So it will be only a short drive away at all times and you will be able to get your scan completed at a nearby club!

What if I don’t feel comfortable sharing my challenge attempts on social media?

You can feel free to share it with one of our trainers, or speak to them in person with your updates, or you can chat to them about it during your 14 Day check in or Coach Follow Up session. Alternatively, share it with someone at home who can be your accountability buddy!

Can I do training outside of the club or the classes?

The 28 Day Power Up offers structured and tiered programs to help you develop your health and fitness over four weeks, and is designed to be either the sole training plan or supplemented into an existing training routine. If you are doing other kinds of training that you love, that’s excellent! Chat to your trainer about which classes would be the best addition to your already excellent habits!