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New Year, New You! 5 Hot Fitness Tips for 2015

1. Be Kind To Your Body

There are certain things that make your body sing, and certain things that make it slump. Although there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the occasional treat, we believe that the closer something is to its original form, the better it is for you. So rather than reaching for an over-processed sugary snack, why not have a go at making one of our almond coconut shakes?  Love your body and it will love you back.

2. Everything In Moderation

Even if “getting fit” is your #1 priority for 2015, remember to pace yourself. Many people go hard out with their New Year’s resolutions in January and February, only to find that going to the gym seven days a week and consuming nothing but kale and protein shakes isn’t exactly a sustainable plan. Set attainable goals that span the length of the year, and commit to a long term fitness strategy that allows time for rest and recovery!

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3. Work (Out) Together

Group exercise can be a great way to get motivated, so if you struggled with regular exercise in 2014, why not give a class a go? Our trainers are a wealth of knowledge, full of tips to get fit! We’ve written specifically about the benefits of exercising with a group – all you have to do is contact us to book a class at one of your local health clubs and try it out for yourself!

4. Try New Things

2015 is your opportunity to try some new. Guys, why not attend a pilates class? Girls, why not try a work out with weights? Giving your body a varied diet of exercise is not only healthy – it’s fun! You never know, you might discover an exercise that you really enjoy, and learns some great work out tips along the way.

5. Do It For You

Motivation can come from many channels: for guys it might be a desire to attract a certain girl’s attention, and for girls it could be the tears you shed whilst watching last year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. The thing is, we commonly find that the most successful people work out for themselves. We can almost guarantee that you will start enjoying exercise more as soon as you start exercising purely to feel healthier, stronger and fitter (not because you want to look like Candice Swanepoel or that guy on the cover of Men’s Health).

If you’re having trouble deciding how to tackle the gym in 2015, it might be worth engaging a personal trainer. They can give you a range of fitness tips and help you design work outs that can help you achieve your goals!