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Do You Need A Fitness Tracker?

Move over crossfit, step aside sugar free diets, the newest craze taking the fitness industry by storm is the fitness tracker! You may have seen this accessory on the wrists (or bodies) of fellow gym-goers – thanks to modern technology, the idea of tracking everything you eat and every step you take is now a reality.

While it seems like these trackers have become the new “it” thing in health and fitness, if you’re considering biting the bullet and buying a fitness band, there’s a few things you should know.

fitness tracker jawbone fitbit

What Exactly is a Fitness Tracker?

Basically, a fitness tracker keeps track of your calories consumed, energy burnt and quality of sleep.  Most fitness bands are worn on your wrist, but some trackers can be clipped onto your clothes or put in your pocket. In addition to the fitness band itself, there’s usually an accompanying smartphone app that displays your tracked data in the form of graphs & percentage totals, giving you an idea of how close you are to achieving your weekly goals.

The two biggest players in the market are Fitbit and Jawbone. The most basic Fitbitmodel, Zip, will set you back around $80 dollars. This model will track your steps, distance and calories burnt. For around $130 dollars you can get a Fitbit Flex that will do all this and more! It has the ability track your sleep quality and silently waking you up in the morning. You’ll no longer have an excuse to skip those early morning gym sessions!

Jawbone has shaken up the traditional fitness band market by creating cool, stylish and functional fitness trackers – their UP24 & UP3 bands look more like bracelets rather than space age wristbands. They have also just released the UPmove – it comes in at around $70 dollars and will track your activity and sleep. The UPmove isn’t a bracelet, but rather a clip on activity tracker that can be worn solely during exercise or all day long.

Should I Buy One?

Fads and fitness go hand in hand, so it’s okay if you’re a bit skeptical about fitness bands. The real question you need to ask yourself is, do I need a fitness tracker? Well, there are certainly pros and cons to adopting wearable tech; knowing you’ve got something tracking your every move will definitely make you more motivated to skip dessert and take the stairs.

On the flipside, tracking every meal and every step can lead to an unhealthy obsession with diet and exercise. If you find yourself measuring life solely by numbers, it may be time to take a step back and remember the simple joys that working out and eating healthy youkan bring.

Having a fitness tracker isn’t a necessity, and you can certainly create a healthy lifestyle without one. But if you think the extra motivation will help you reach your fitness goals, then investing in one may just be the push you need in the right direction.