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How Long Should I Spend In The Gym?

It’s the question on every fitness fanatic’s mind – “How long should I spend in the gym?”

The thing is – and you’re going to be disappointed here – there isn’t actually a ‘right’ answer. The time you spend in the gym can be devoted to a range of things, including: warming up, resting between sets, looking for the perfect workout song on your iPod and chatting to that hot guy at the desk. Therefore, the question shouldn’t be “how long should I work out for” but rather “what do I want to achieve”.

Don’t get us wrong, at ifeelgood24/7, we’re all about quickies. We believe that, for the majority of people looking to keep fit, between 30 minutes and 1 hour is enough. With this in mind, remember that your real focus should be your overall workout program. There is no such thing as prime workout length, there is only prime workout design.

How long should I spend in the gym?

Katie from Ifeelgood Middle Park trying out the new strength bags

So even though a time limit helps you set goals and schedule your day, focus on designing a workout that helps you reach and maintain your ideal level of fitness.

For those looking to burn fat, try interval training. You can complete a HIIT workout in 30 minutes – leaving you enough time to stretch it out at the end.

For those looking to build muscle, try doing one intense set rather than three moderate ones. If you complete a warm up, two full-body circuits and a warm down (sans workout selfie) you can be in and out of the gym within the hour.

Not too sure about workout design? Pop into one of our health clubs and have a chat to our friendly staff. Our personal trainers will be more than happy to help you create the perfect set of exercises to suit your body goals and weekly schedule.

So, remember – don’t get hung up on time! If your buddies are bragging about their 3 hour workout, remind them that it’s about objectives and results – not the clock.

The fact is, not all of us have hours and hours to spend at the gym every week. And if you’re seeing results and feeling fit, you must be doing something right!