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How A Workout Can Affect Your Mindset

Your body is a machine! No, you’re not the Terminator or Iron Man (sorry), but you do have access to awesome strength that can fight the forces of evil (not guaranteed). Daily exercise should be done for optimal health and to keep your body finely tuned for the busy lifestyle you’re sure to lead. If you don’t exercise regularly you may already think that you feel reasonably fit and healthy. But we’re here to show you how much better your life can be just by exercising more frequently. Yes, we believe exercise can make you happier!

How working out can make you happier

Boosts confidence

Working out actually contributes to your physical confidence. Seeing your body get stronger and experiencing the benefits of lifting more and running faster is reason enough to work out regularly. Instead of setting ‘weight loss goals’ and ‘how much I want to lift targets,’ focus on boosting your confidence. This will ensure your goals are realistic and attainable. And, when these goals are reached, you get a confidence boost with the knowledge that you can become healthier!

Reduces stress levels

Stress is unfortunately an unavoidable factor of life. But, it can be dealt with in constructive ways. For very complicated reasons stress negatively affects your brain, which results in the rest of your body being sluggish and unmotivated in your everyday activities. To combat this, exercise can reduce your stress levels and give you the confidence boost you need to start regularly working out. It may be hard at first to get motivated if you’re under a lot of stress, but making time to exercise will give you a calmer outlook on life.

Eases your anxiety and depression

Physical exercise not only makes you feel less stressed, but also decreases instances of anxiety and depression. The benefits of exercise can be found in a number of ways:

  • Release of endorphins (feel-good chemicals). Exercise stresses your system, so your brain pumps out endorphins to deal with the situation. Psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo says to track your endorphin levels so a mood check every time you work out. “Every five minutes, think about how you feel on a scale from one (not happy at all) to 10 (completely high on life).” Increase your workout intensity until that number rises!
  • Calming effect from a rise in overall body temperature
  • Strengthening your body also strengthens your immune system and reduces your chances of depression

sports-731506_640Receive a better night’s sleep

The trick to getting a successful night’s sleep is to improve how you spend your day. By simply banning technology from your nightly routine your body clock will be calmer as it isn’t rudely awoken by your bright phone light.

By also having more active days you will find you fall asleep faster, making your night far less restless than it would otherwise be.

Want to further improve your mindset?

If you enjoy going to the gym as much as we do, try mixing up your training by incorporating a circuit component (here’s a great full-body circuit workout infographic to help). Cardio workouts are particularly good for keeping you focused and increasing your heartrate.

If you want to be given the motivation to start leading a more active lifestyle, contact ifeelgood 24/7 now and find out what equipment we have to suit all your workout needs (don’t forget we’re open 24/7 – so now it’s even easier to fit training into your busy schedule).