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Gym vs. Outdoors: Changing It Up

It’s an argument that’s been around since the inception of gyms: “Machine workouts are more effective!” says one person, whilst the other says, “Why go to the gym? Running outside is better for your health!”

Believe it or not, we aren’t totally biased towards gyms. The gym and the outdoors have their equal pros and cons, so we honestly believe that if you can practically exercise in each environment, you’ll be getting the best of both worlds!

Why work out outdoors?

  • You’ll be able to fight boredom through changing up your surrounding environment. Running or cycling around your neighbourhood can be incredibly rewarding and refreshing.
  • You’ll get a decent dose of vitamin D if you’re working out during the day (this is one of the most commonly quoted benefits of running outside).
  • You have a greater variation of movement compared to what some gym machines traditionally allow.
  • *Instagram picture of the sun rising* #earlybirdcatchestheworm

gym vs outdoors

Why work out in the gym?

  • You can attend the gym no matter the weather.
  • If the gym is open 24/7, like ifeelgood24/7, you’ll be able to work out regardless of the time of day or night.
  • Hello, air conditioning!
  • There is a range of equipment that provides a style of work out that isn’t achievable through exercises outside. Especially when looking at building strength and increasing lean muscle tissue, you can’t go past weight machines.
  • There is professional help on hand during staffed hours to help you with any queries that you may have.

So where should I work out?

In keeping a varied exercise diet, we’d suggest a balance of indoor and outdoor training. This might mean an outdoor jog with your partner or friend (furry or human) one morning, and then a weights session at the gym the next. If you can only work out at night during the week, the gym might be the place to go Monday – Friday, and then you can switch it up by heading to the park for some weight-bearing exercises on the weekend.

Although we love our clubs, there’s no denying that fresh air is good for you! So why not make a commitment to yourself this week? If you’re a self-confessed gym junkie, consider exercising outside the gym and going for a brisk walk in the sunshine! And if you’re yet to head inside for a work out, come and try out one of our clubs for free.