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Gym Etiquette

Whether you are new to the gym or have been going for years, it’s important to remember gyms have a code of behaviour for members to follow. Good gym etiquette ensures that your time at the gym remains comfortable and hygienic. The good news is, gym etiquette is pretty universal, meaning the same general rules will apply regardless of where you train. Here are the top eight gym etiquette rules to help you enjoy your time at the gym.

1. Hygiene and Cleanliness

There’s nothing worse than getting on a piece of equipment that is covered in sweat not to mention that it’s unhygienic. Always take your towel to the gym to use on the equipment when you are working out. And don’t forget to wipe down the seat and handles of any equipment you use with the paper towels and cleaner provided.

Ensure your personal hygiene is to an acceptable level including meeting gym dress and hygiene standards and because we are all working hard if you do get a bit ‘on the nose’ make sure you reapply deoderant regularly.

2. Put the weights away

If you use free weights, make sure you put them back on the rack when you’re done. Weights lying on the ground are a safety hazard and it’s frustrating to think someone is using the same weight you need, only to find out they weren’t put away.

3. Don’t hog the equipment

Hogging the equipment is a big no-no, especially during peak times. Many gyms have time limits on cardio equipment during busier times and you should try to stick to them as much as possible. If need be simply break up your cardio in two or three sessions instead of one chunk.

4. Keep your rest short

While important, it’s best not to rest for too long on the weights machines during peak times. If you don’t like to rush, offer to work in with another exerciser. That way you can continue to work out and rest without stopping other members from using the machines.

5. Avoid hovering around the equipment

Hovering around the equipment, waiting for someone to finish is considered rude by gym etiquette standards. Either ask to work in with the person on the machine or find a machine that is free and come back to this machine later.

6. Keep your bag off the floor

Leaving your gym bag on the floor is not only annoying to other gym users but can be a danger. Bags on the floor are easy to trip over and you run the risk of items being lost or stolen. Keep your bag in your locker or the bag holes in the gym for safety.

7. Turn your phone to silent

As with most places, leaving your phone on or talking loudly while others workout is poor etiquette. Turn your phone to silent and keep it in your bag during your workout. If the call is important enough people will leave a message.

8. No food or drink on the gym floor

Aside from water, food and drinks are a no-no on the gym floor, especially anything sticky such as sports drinks. A sticky floor and/or equipment and crumbs or wrappers everywhere is not a good look for your gym. Save your snack for after your workout instead.

They seem simple enough but it is easy to forget the basics of gym etiquette no matter how long you’ve had a gym membership. Remember these simple rules and both you and your fellow gym members will have a happy relationship for a long time to come.

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