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Gym Etiquette 101 (The Dos)

Why do we go to the gym? To look good and feel even better, of course! But remember that the gym is a communal space to be shared by everyone, and that means you should bring your gym manners to the party.

At ifeelgood24/7, we’re pretty relaxed, but that doesn’t mean you should treat other gym junkies or our dedicated team of health and fitness professionals like your mum. Our staff are nice, but not that nice. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of gym dos, providing some simple tips on proper gym etiquette to make sure your work out session is rewarding and hassle-free (and to help you get a great workout without stepping on anyone’s toes).

The Dos

Gym Etiquette Brisbane

  1. Clean up after yourself (sweat & weight re-racking)

Smashed your cross fit workout? Awesome job! But before you head for your well-deserved shower, you’d better take a quick look at the equipment you just used. That glistening pool of sweat’s going to need wiping up and spraying with sanitiser (this goes for ALL workout machines and equipment, from chest presses to bikes and treadmills).

Make sure you put weights back where they go on the racks neatly, too. You can’t just assume the next person will put them away or wipe down that wet machine seat! Think about it, would you like to deal with another person’s butt sweat? Nada, not a chance.

  1. Use appropriate levels of antiperspirant

It feels great to go hard and work up a sweat, but keep in mind that you’ll be working up a scent too. Proper gym etiquette is to always put on deodorant before hitting the gym, but don’t overdo it — overpowering fragrances, aftershaves and lotions can mess with people’s allergies and asthma. Neutral is usually the best way to go if you don’t want to end up smelling like a bath bomb or yeti.

  1. Respect others’ space

Ever worked out at a near empty gym, blissfully unaware of the people around you, when suddenly a stranger hops onto the treadmill beside you, killing your mojo and making you feel self-conscious? Trust me; you don’t want to be that guy. That guy has a case of bad gym etiquette. If you can help it, go for equipment one or two spaces away from someone else so that everyone can feel comfortable and focus on their workout.

  1. Wear appropriate clothing

If you’re heading to the gym, it’s best to leave your tiny see-through pants and G-string at home (where only your partner or cat can see you wear them). Most strangers don’t want to have to look at your butt, even if it does look like Kim Kardashian’s. Please wear clean, workout friendly clothing that’s appropriate for a public place — for girls, this might mean wearing a shirt over your sports bra. For guys, this might mean wearing a shirt. Clean footwear is also a part of proper gym etiquette, as dirty shoes can actually damage our floors or ruin certain types of equipment. Wearing clean socks with your sneakers will help you win the battle against sweat and odour.

Next week we’ll be discussing Eye of the Tiger and smartphone use when we post about gym etiquette don’ts. Stay tuned!