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Getting in the Zone

Getting in the zone

We all have those days. The ones where we’d rather chop off a limb than go to the gym. What if there was a way to not only keep all of your limbs, but a way to find motivation to hit the gym and perform at your best? Well it turns out there is.

It’s called ‘getting in the zone’.

Athletes have been doing it for years by increasing their physical and mental strength in order to perform. So what exactly is this zone, and how do we get in it?

You’re about to find out!

What is the zone?

The zone is essentially a mind space. It’s finding a flow state, or becoming absorbed in an activity to the point that your focus has no chance of straying elsewhere. You have a heightened sense of control, and your movements seem effortless. Although it sounds like a dream, we’ve all been there!

There are several factors that prevent us from reaching the zone including fear of failure, intimidation, lack of focus, and low confidence, to name a few.

While getting in the zone is often linked to athletes, it certainly isn’t limited to sports. This motivational mind-set can be applied to hobbies, studying, work, and of course your workout regime.

Directions to the zone!

There may not be a map depicting how to get in the zone, nor is there a yellow brick road. However, there are a few steps you can take to push yourself closer to the flow state. The psychological keys to entering your zone include interest level, confidence, motivation, task difficulty, and resiliency. When these points resonate positively in your mind-set, you have a far greater chance of entering the zone and performing at your best.

Some key tactics to help you get in the zone:

  • Engage in a challenging activity! This will prevent boredom, and you’ll feel accomplished when you overcome the challenge
  • Set achievable goals for each session and avoid comparing yourself to others
  • Choose an activity or exercise that you enjoy
  • Develop a pre-gym routine that allows you to mentally prepare for your workout
  • Narrow your focus to a specific goal per session
  • Don’t let failure bring you down!
  • Turn your frustration into motivation and learn from your downfalls

Try focusing on one of these tactics for your next workout. Even when your zone feels miles away, you’re guaranteed to get closer and closer with a fresh, and positive perspective.