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Feelgood Truths: The Importance of Relationships

The past couple of months have exposed many things, but possibly none more so, than how much we need each other. This week, we explore the key role that relationships have in feeling good.


Episode #5 Transcript:

You know I’ve been amazed over this time, how much we need each other.

We’ve got tech like we’ve never had before, we’ve got social media platforms, we’ve got devices that allow us to stay more connected, and yet – loneliness is rampant.

People are feeling frustrated, people are just wanting to escape. Sure we’ve been allowed outside to exercise but it just doesn’t feel the same. There is something missing, I can tell you what is missing, and that is real relationships.

There’s a 75 year Harvard study that studied people from when they were born to 75 years, and they learned that no matter their social standing, no matter how much money they earned, no matter their ethnicity, only one thing counted for genuine happiness and that was the quality of their relationships.

That’s amazing.

The thing is that tech doesn’t replace relationships, connection is not a relationship.

You know, we need to be known. We need to belong. We need to be able to care, and we need to be cared for.

We actually need each other.

I hope that over this time, we are able to learn how important the people around us really are. That we learn to not take each other for granted and we put value on loving, and being loved.

People are important, in fact I’m convinced that this is the point of life.


Imagine if all of this, people take the time to care for each other just a little bit more.

Imagine if everyone did that, imagine the world that we would live in. It would be spectacular.

Let’s be one of those people.

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