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Feelgood Truths: Positive Perspective

What are you focusing on at the moment? In this week’s episode of Feelgood Truths, Ben encourages us to put aside what we can’t control and dare to look at our perspective and make a positive choice as to what we focus on.

FEELGOOD TRUTHS – Positive Perspective

Episode #2 Transcript:

It was Helen Keller who said “the only thing worse than being blind, is having sight but no vision”

Like the reality is isn’t it, that in life, our perspective on life is really what matters.


Maybe there are situations right now that seem are out of your control and things seem a little bit chaotic.

But the reality is that in the midst of the challenges that we’re all facing right now, there are also some incredible opportunities. Like maybe if your life, or the pace of your life has been forced to slow down, maybe that’s an opportunity to stop and connect with loved ones, or family members or to reflect on your life.

Or maybe the pace of your life is speeding up, and maybe that’s an opportunity to maximise something in your life right now, or become more efficient, stay healthy,

There are so many opportunities that we all have in this season if we are willing to stop and take a look at things from a different perspective.

And you’ll be absolutely amazed at what will happen in your life if we all choose to stop and focus on the good, rather than what we’ve lost,

In fact, imagine a world where all of us together, collectively choose, to focus on the good.


Summary questions

  1. What opportunities can you see for yourself in this season?
  2. How could you start making these opportunities a reality?

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