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Feelgood Truths: How to deal with worry and overcome fear

In this season of massive change, it’s not surprising that many of us are dealing with feelings of worry and fear.

In this episode of FEELGOOD TRUTHS, Ben unpacks what worry does and how we can make a choice to loosen the grip of worry and overcome fear.

FEELGOOD TRUTHS – How to #feelgood 2020

Episode #1 Transcript:

Ben: They’re saying right now, that 1 in 3 Australians are suffering from some kind of anxiety or stress. I think that is just a crazy stat.

And you know the reality is that we’re all in this together aren’t we? We’re kind of all facing a season of uncertainty, of great change and it’s normal to be afraid, it’s normal to be overwhelmed, maybe, with worry.

I remember the first time i went sky diving, the instructor looked at me just as the door opened at like 10,000 feet and he said, “Ben, I want you to look at the camera and smile”.

I’m telling you right now, that the last thing I felt like doing was smiling at the camera.

And right now, the last thing you might feel like doing is smiling. I know that’s the reality for me is that, you know, in some way we’re all dealing with this feeling of worry.

But the interesting thing about worry is, that the word worry actually means “To strangle, constrict and choke” so the reality is, that when we are consumed with worry, it actually strangles, constricts and chokes the life out of us. Like we stop enjoying the things that we were designed and created to enjoy.


And so i just wanted to throw this out there today that we’re all in this together, we’re all kind of facing this challenge of being overwhelmed by fear or feeling trapped by worry.

But the good thing is, we’re actually not in this alone, we’re all in this together and we can actually own our fear, rather than pretending like it’s not there or doing things to mask it.

You know, they say right now that Australians are turning to 2 things, Social Media and The Fridge, to deal with fear and to deal with worry.

But there’s actually a powerful thing that happens when we choose to own it and say, “You know what? I am afraid about this.” But here’s the great news, is that we can start focusing on the things we CAN change, rather than the things we can’t.

Like there are so many times where I have found myself worrying about things that I couldn’t even change, when in fact the things I could change were right in front of me.

So wherever you are at right now, and for all of us together, let’s start focussing on the things we can change, and let’s stop worrying about the things that we can’t.

One of the most powerful decisions we can make, a choice that you can make, that I can make right now is simply to stop, and to reach out to someone and say “Hey, I need help in this area” or say “Hey, I need to talk to somebody about this right now, this is something that I’m really worried and afraid about.”

And the exciting thing is that, we’re all in this together, and lets make some great choices to start focusing on the things we can change, and stop worrying about the things that we can’t.


Summary questions

  1. Are there some things in life that are consuming you?
  2. Are they things you can change? If so, what can you do about them?
  3. What can you do today to bring JOY?

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