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Feelgood Truths: Discovering the Good

This week, in the light of the great news of the date we’ll be able to reopen, Martin (our CEO), reflects on the benefits we can draw from recent challenges.

Discovering the Good

Episode #4 Transcript:

And you’ll be pleased to know, barre classes, open once again.

Finally! We get to find out when we get to open – 12th of June, if we all play our cards right, we will be together, and that is so awesome, so excited!

You know, this time has been tough, people have lost money – I’ve lost money – we’ve all lost our lifestyles, a lot of people are feeling very lonely being locked down. There’s a lot of anxiousness not knowing about what’s going to happen next, and it’s been tough, there’s no doubt about it.

You know there has been good through this thing. One thing is that we’ve been given permission to do things differently.

permission to do things differently

It’s forced us back to the basics, it forces us to get outside, it forces us back to the table with our families because we all have to spend time together.

It even creates more opportunities that we never thought that we could take advantage of.

For me, I’ve had to stop rushing around, I’ve been given permission to not have to go here and there, and it’s taking time to chill and it’s been brilliant.

The thing I’d love to ask you is, what’s a good thing that you’ve discovered about your life, about you through this time?

Is it doing something new and different at work?

Or is it taking that time to stop?

Or is it enjoying the friends and family around us?

I heard someone say today, that we are going to cherish handshake and a hug so much more when we get together, and I think that’s so true.

So what’ your good thing? When you find it, grab it and keep it.

For sure, leave the bad behind, but when you find your good thing and put it into your life it’s going to make you stronger and better.

Grab the good, and when we get together get ready because we are going to have a blast.

discovering the good

Summary questions

  1. What is something good you’ve been able to discover or rediscover during this time?
  2. How can you benefit from this moving forward?

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