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Feelgood Truths: Be Your Best Version Of Yourself

How can you navigate a season of change? In this week’s vid, we explore how you can be your best version of yourself, especially when everything seems to be changing around us.


Episode #6 Transcript:

So last week I was disrespectful to someone that I completely respect – Why? – I don’t do that.

And then I noticed that other people around me were behaving differently as well – something was going on.

And when I thought about it, I realised that we’d all just gone through a change and we had to create new habits in our lives. And now with all of the restrictions lifting – we’re about to change again.

The thing is that change brings out emotions. Things like, shock, self-doubt, finally acceptance, and then meaning are all prevalent when we go through change.

The thing is that we don’t necessarily have a choice about the things that we go through, but what we do have a choice about, is that way we respond to it.

The challenge for us in change, is:

  • Can we choose to treat people well?
  • Can we chose to make good decisions?
  • Can we keep our joy despite how we might feel?

There are 2 things that i’d love for us to grab – me included!

#1 is that, first of all know that feeling these emotions is perfectly normal and perfectly okay

#2 secondly, that we actually choose to be the best version of ourselves through the changes that we are going through.

That means that if we do this, we’ll not only successfully navigate the upheaval that we’re going through, but we can be an example and we can be leaders to the people around us.

And we can make the change amazing.


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