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Feelgood Truths: The Key To Great Relationships

How can you navigate a season of change? In this week’s vid, Martin explores being your best version of yourself, especially when everything seems to be changing around us.

Authenticity – The Key To Great Relationships

Episode #7 Transcript:

Today’s feelgood truth is about the power of being authentic.

I don’t know about you, but I love sci-fi movies and a couple of years ago there was a movie called “Passengers”, where all of the people were travelling to another planet, and they where in hibernation for a number of years and Chris Pratt, one of the main actors, was acting a character named Jim Preston.

And Jim Preston had woken up from his sleep, he had gone back to his room, and he was trying out this leather jacket.

He wanted to come out and look cool for the other passengers. So he was putting the jacket on, taking the jacket off, putting it on, and finally he just look in the mirror and says,

‘You know what Jim? Own it!’

And the scene was funny, but there’s an important message in there. The message is, that people want to see the authentic you, not just an image of you.

When we’re real, we can be liked and loved for who we are, not just what people see, and for us – it’s liberating!

People need authenticity to know you. That doesn’t mean that everybody will necessarily like you. But in the world of good relationships, where love, care and belonging flourish, authenticity builds trust, and trust is the essential foundation to good relationships.

So if you be yourself, you will build great relationships, and it’s liberating!

Give it a go today.


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