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Exercising in the Summer Heat

5 Quick Exercises that Won’t Work Up a Sweat in Summer

For many people, summer exercise turns to summer excuses once the temperature starts to rise. Not only can the heat feel draining, the extra sweat can make a summer workout harder to fit in before work or on your lunch break.

Don’t fret, because you can exercise in the pool to stay cool, or outside in the shade to get out of stuffy bedrooms or overcrowded gyms. And no matter where you are, there are easy exercises to help you reach your summer fitness goals without working up a sweat.

Slow Single Leg Ice Skaters

This summer exercise emphasises speed and distance. As it can get a little intense over time, aim for more sets of fewer reps each, to give yourself time to cool down in between.

1. With your arms to one side, stand on the opposing foot.

2. Explode off the foot as you swing your arms across your body.

3. Land on the other foot, pushing off in the same way as your arms swing back.

Side Hip Raises

This excellent variation on the classic plank engages your stabilising oblique muscles and hamstrings.

1. Rest on your side with your body straight, your feet stacked one on top of the other, and your elbow directly below your shoulder.

2. Slowly lower your body until your hip almost touches the ground.

3. Engage your obliques to raise your hip back up to the plank position.

Slow Burpees

Many exercisers smash out burpees as fast as they can for an intense workout. However, going slower can actually be more effective, as you can’t cheat the movements as easily. This will also teach you perfect form for your fast burpees!

1. Place your feet slightly more than shoulder width apart.

2. Squat down and place your hands in between your legs.

3. Extend one leg backwards into a lunge, and then the other to assume a push-up position.

4. Lower your hips to the floor in a yoga Cobra pose, holding for a second.

5. Raise your hips back up and optionally perform a push-up.

6. Step one leg forward just outside the corresponding hand, and then do the same with the other leg. You should be back in the squat position.

7. Stand up, take a breath and repeat.

Elliptical Machine

The elliptical machine can give you a terrific workout – if you know how to use it properly. Here are some tips to get the most out of it.

● Use your whole body. Too many people slouch or lean on the handles, letting their legs do all the work. Maintain a firm, upright posture and push with both your arms and legs.

● Eliminate distractions. In this multitasking culture, lots of people try to read a book or use social media while working out, but this only gets in the way. Focus on your form to achieve results.

● Mix up your routine every few weeks to keep your body from getting used to it.


The Stairmaster is typically one of the sweatier exercises you can do, so if you’re trying to remain sheen-free, go for a LISS (low intensity steady state) workout.

● Complete 1 set of 20-30 minutes.

● Repeat for 3 times per week to get the most from this workout.