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Deadlift Accessories

Deadlift Accessories

Everyone in search of a stronger, more controlled deadlift, look no further! Develop the strength, speed, and mental toughness to perform your best deadlifts yet. These deadlift accessories are key in building your upper back, quads, glutes, and core muscles so you can perform at your peak.

Paused Front Squat

The front squat works to build strength in the lower and upper back, quads, and hamstrings. Having strong quads is vital when approaching the lockout in your deadlift. The fast, and controlled extension of your legs requires every muscle, and most importantly your quads. Try holding the squat to reduce the stretch reflex, which isn’t required for deadlifts. Front squats also train you to stay tall in your deadlift extension by building strength in the upper back. Add some weight to your squat accessory if your upper back is weak.

Rack Pulls

The rack pull is essentially a short-range deadlift that works to strengthen the entire back, glutes, hamstrings and forearms. To complete this exercise, the pins should be set just below or above the knees. Position yourself in the deadlifting position with a mixed or hook grip. Look forward and extend through the hips and knees, pulling the weight up, and back until lockout. From here, return the weight to the pins and repeat. This accessory is great to work weak ranges, or overload your strong ranges. Block deadlifts work well for this too!

Trap Bar Deadlifts

This form of deadlift is a great exercise for building maximum power. It also helps to prevent injury and is a back-friendly alternative to straight-bar deadlifts. It takes most of the load away from the lower back and hips, and places it on the legs. For this accessory, set the trap bar to an appropriate weight on the floor, and stand in the centre grasping both handles. Lower your hips, keep your chest forward and look up as you begin the movement by extending your hips and knees. Keeping your spine neutral, lower the weight back down with control. A trap bar is ideal for beginners as it assists with mobility and encourages an upright torso position.

Glute/Ham Raises

As the name suggests, glute/ham raises are ideal for building strength in your glutes and hamstrings. They’re unarguably two vital muscles required for a powerful, explosive deadlift. Start by adjusting the equipment in a position that works for you. Place your feet against the footplate and lie facedown with your knees behind the pad. Flex your knees whilst driving your toes into the footplate, and continue until your body is upright. Slowly and with control, return to the starting position.

There you have it! Start incorporating these deadlift accessories into your training sessions to see major progress in your deadlift.