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Core Stability and Swiss Ball Training

Core stability is important for physical health and well-being and aids in the prevention of lower back pain and injuries. With today’s desk bound lifestyles, lower back pain and poor core strength and stability are issues many people face but there are ways to relieve the pain and build a strong core let’s start by grabbing a Swiss Ball.

How Does a Swiss Ball Build a Strong Core?

Building a strong core involves targeting all the muscles in your torso, particularly those deep inside and one of the best ways to do this is with a Swiss Ball. Swiss Balls are extremely unstable and each time you sit on one, your core muscles work hard to keep you on the ball and the ball stable.

Swiss Ball Uses

Swiss Ball training isn’t just for training your abs. In fact, anytime you use a Swiss Ball you will be training your core and improving your core stability regardless of what exercise you do. Many people think Swiss Balls are just for sit-ups and to take pressure off your back but Swiss Balls are a fantastic substitute to using a bench in the gym. They are also an economically and space-saving option for your home gym that can be used in a variety of ways and for a variety of exercises.

Top Core Stability Exercises on a Swiss Ball

Using a Swiss Ball to develop your core stability and strengthen your core is a wonderful option if you need extra support. The following three exercises are a great place to start when looking to add a Swiss Ball to your core stability training.

Swiss Ball Plank: Place the Swiss Ball in front of you and lay on your stomach so that your hips are on the ball. Walk your hands forward until your feet and/or shins are resting on the ball with your hands directly under your shoulders (if this is too difficult, walk your hands back until the ball is under your knees or hips). Contract your abdominals as you would if performing a plank on the floor.

Swiss Ball Superman: Lay across the Swiss Ball on your stomach so that your hands and toes are touching the floor and keeping you balanced. Contract your abdominals as you lift your left leg and right arm off the floor and hold them out straight. Hold for 5-30 seconds then repeat with your left arm and right leg.

Swiss Ball Roll out: Sit on your knees with the Swiss Ball in front of you and your hands folded together on top. Slowly roll the ball forward until your back is straight. Hold then return to the start.

If you are looking to increase your core strength and stability, it is definitely worth adding a Swiss Ball to your current routine.


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