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Workouts you can do anywhere

Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

We get it is a busy time of year for everyone, and sometimes your fitness routine may fall by the wayside. You might beRead More

Squat accessory

Squat Accessory Movements

Squats! They’re a crucial component to leg day. Squatting is a truly powerful exercise, meaning it’s important we find ways to improve our performance.Read More

shoulder anatomy

Shoulder Anatomy 101

If we had to give a prize to the most impressive group of muscles in our body, our shoulders would be a solid contender.Read More

lady on beach doing yoga pose and stretchinglady on beach doing yoga pose and stretching

Yoga and Stretching Exercises to Boost Your Workout

Stretching and yoga exercises are often used as a way to cool down after a workout, but did you know that they can benefitRead More

summer exercises ifeelgood24/7summer exercises ifeelgood24/7

Exercising in the Summer Heat

5 Quick Exercises that Won’t Work Up a Sweat in Summer For many people, summer exercise turns to summer excuses once the temperature startsRead More


Cardio Wars Part 1 – Why HIIT is better than LISS

What exactly are HIIT and LISS? HIIT stands for ‘’high intensity interval training’’, and consists of short intervals of sprinting coupled with low-moderate intensityRead More

planking during cardio workout

Weight Training Exercises for Beginners

Weight training is important for everyone, as it offers so many benefits to suit everyone’s individual fitness goals. Strength training workouts give a bigRead More

pokemon go training

Fitness Training to Unleash your Inner Pokemon Master

Pokemon Go has exploded onto Android and iPhone, and for the first time gamers of all ages get to feel what it’s like toRead More

weights on floor

Our Top Arm Workouts – Part 2: Triceps

In Part 1 of our guide, we looked at the muscular anatomy of the upper arm, along with the best bicep exercises for anyRead More

strength training

Our Top Arm Workouts – Part 1: Biceps

For most people, doing an arm workout is the most satisfying part of their gym routine – after all, nothing says “I am STRONG”Read More