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Enjoy fitness by harnessing the most powerful motivator of all…

What is it? It’s different for everyone, but we all have it. It’s the stuff that makes you smile to yourself at the thoughtRead More

lady on beach doing yoga pose and stretchinglady on beach doing yoga pose and stretching

Yoga and Stretching Exercises to Boost Your Workout

Stretching and yoga exercises are often used as a way to cool down after a workout, but did you know that they can benefitRead More

summer exercises ifeelgood24/7summer exercises ifeelgood24/7

Exercising in the Summer Heat

5 Quick Exercises that Won’t Work Up a Sweat in Summer For many people, summer exercise turns to summer excuses once the temperature startsRead More

woman standing looking over mountains

How Exercise Can Improve Your Posture

Good posture does more than make you look taller; it’s essential for your overall health. Your spine connects to every part of your body,Read More

back of surfer carrying surfboard

Back Attack: How to Properly Train your Back

A strong back is the foundation of an excellent physique. However, back exercises are some of the most neglected workouts around, as a lotRead More

pokemon go training

Fitness Training to Unleash your Inner Pokemon Master

Pokemon Go has exploded onto Android and iPhone, and for the first time gamers of all ages get to feel what it’s like toRead More

woman running up stairs

Why Cardio Workouts Are Great

Your heart is the most important muscle in your body, so cardiovascular exercise should be part of everyone’s workout regime, no matter your personalRead More

Runner stretching her lets

Stretches to Help with Sleep

We’ve all had nights where we just can’t fall asleep. Whether due to stress or physical tension, something’s blocking you from drifting off. BecauseRead More

woman jogging

The Ultimate Pre-Date Workout

Exercise can help you prepare for a date Dating is fun and exciting, but it can also stress you out. When you’re getting readyRead More

working out on the beach

Workouts for the Beach

Staying fit on holidays For many of us, summer holidays mean one thing – the beach! Swimming and sunbathing are a great way toRead More