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The Benefits Of Exercising With A Group

For those who aren’t motivated by the idea of lifting and running your way to a healthier life, take advantage of group classes or join up with your friends. If you’re the kind of person that struggles with the “know how” when exercising in the gym, joining in group exercises with friends or in a class can be your first step to reaching your goals. Whether you sign up to a session with a personal trainer or join up with your training buddies, exercising with a group has multiple benefits.

Becoming a healthier person can become lonesome, especially during the early stages of your exercising journey. However, we believe that one of the most important steps of creating an effective exercise schedule is finding someone else to join you.

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Our Alexandra Hills members during training class

Your exercise routine shouldn’t be the downfall of your day. Instead of it being a drag after a day of hard work, your time to exercise should be a fun method of becoming healthier and fitter while motivating yourself as well as your friends. It is common to find it difficult maintain high motivation levels every week as you progress through your fitness journey. However being a part of group glasses or joining up with your friends can help you maintain high motivation levels. Skipping out on your own individual exercise day does have its consequences. However having a group or a friend to keep you on track will reduce your likelihood to cancel on your exercise session. Additionally, turning your sweat session into a social session can make your rigorous training routine much more enjoyable.

Joining a group can challenge you to exercise beyond your perceived limits. It’s only human nature to be a little bit competitive. You are likely to exercise stronger and harder. Additionally, being surrounded by peers with the same exercise goals and aspirations can help you stay motivated

Think of it as accountability or a guilt trip. Even call it misery-loves-company. However you decide to approach your exercise journey, don’t forget that leaning on others or asking for support isn’t a problem. Having support while supporting others is just another step in creating a smoother road to a healthier life.

So, whether you’re experienced or an exercise novice, partaking in exercise and routines with a group should be at the top of your priority list. The benefits of working with friends or in a class are wonderful, and can help you becoming fitter then you ever imagined. If you are struggling to find a group to join up with, don’t forget Ifeelgood24/7 has certified personal trainers who can help you every step of the way in reaching your goals.

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