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8 Fitness Gift Ideas for Christmas

With seemingly endless booze-fuelled Christmas parties, Lindt chocolate balls, and candy canes available throughout the majority of December, it’s definitely not easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle over the holidays. Cut the fitness lover(s) in your life some slack this Christmas, and give a gift that caters to a healthier way of life. And, for anyone who is planning on actually sticking to their new year’s resolutions, the right fitness Christmas gift can help them hit the ground running (pun not intended).

Gifts for Fitness Lovers

1. Grid Mini Foam Roller

Perfect for somebody about to embark on an overseas trip, the suitcase-ready Grid Mini foam roller is small enough to fit in their bag, and can relieve any travel-related aches as soon as they step off the plane.



2. Powertube+ Resistance Bands

One of the best gifts for fitness lovers who are going away for the Christmas break, the Powertube+ resistance bands allows you to take the gym with you wherever you go. Use these in an uptown hotel suite after a day of sightseeing, or even on a remote beach at sunrise!


3. Divinita Detox Bundle

Putting in the hard work at the gym is only part of the battle to shape up — and it doesn’t get any easier during the lead up to Christmas. Australian-owned Divinita’ unique mix of Arctic Seaweed detox supplements make it easy to deliver your body nutrients that will get your body back on track after silly season.


4. Backbeat FIT Sports Headphones

Flexible, durable, and waterproof, these headphones will stay secure and comfortable through even the most intense workouts. A range of colours and styles make these a great fitness gift for men or women, and are suitable for weightlifting, cardio, and everything in between.



5. Body Back Buddy

If you’ve ever had the feeling of extreme tightness between your shoulder blades, you know how uncomfortable it can be. For those hard to reach places, the Body Back Buddy helps you to treat your own trigger points and release muscle tension quickly and easily.



6. SQDAthletica Chapter Pocket Tee

A great fitness gift idea for both cardio and weights-focused workouts, SQDAthletica’s evolution of the classic tee utilises advanced moisture-wicking fabric and welded seams for all-round comfort and breathability.



7. Nayoya Acupressure Mat

The Nayoyamat can be used to treat fatigue, soreness, and pain in the joints, muscles, feet, neck, and back by stimulating the body’s production of endorphins — bringing on a calming, soothing effect allover.



8. Celsius Ketllebells

A great gift for gym lovers (both male and female), these kettlebells can be thrown in the boot of the car to help you maintain your workout schedule whenever you go away for the weekend. Available in a range of weights (4kg-16kg) and colours, the vinyl-dipped bells are a fun way to exercise in your own time and space.