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6 Workout Efficiency Tips From Pro Trainers

Ifeelgood24/7 has collected 6 important and awesome tips from our trainers. These tricks and secrets are a small push start to you getting the most out of your workout routine.

Abs are made in the kitchen

If you have been exercising and you can’t see any results, there’s a high chance your diet is holding you back. You can never out-train a bad diet unfortunately. Despite your extreme efforts in the gym, a bad diet will reduce a majority of potential results. Your diet is an essential part of your fitness plan, so having a healthy diet is vital. Make sure your diet consists of good servings of healthy fats, high protein and carbohydrates.

Consistency is key

Having a consistent routine is essential to continuous improvement. Whether you work out every day, attend your daily run or have a specific three-day muscle split, consistency is essential for progress. A routine is the basis of your exercising experience, so create a routine suited for you and stick to it.

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Our Middle Park Personal Trainers are loving bootcamp

Sleep better, live better

When you sleep, your body starts to produce growth hormones that promote muscle growth as well as repairing damaged muscles. To ensure continuous progress, have a decent dosage of deep sleep nightly.

Form is key

Injuring yourself is the biggest step back for all your progress. There are no advantages in adding ridiculous weight to your equipment and only finishing half a rep. No matter what exercise you partake in, maintaining proper form will benefit you from both an injury point of view as well as a developmental point of view. Lift speed, amount of weight and number of reps do not matter if your form is wrong. If you ever feel like your form is losing quality, drop back the amount of weight until you are comfortable.

Stretch before and after

Stretching before and after your workout is vital to make sure you don’t sustain any injuries. Furthermore, consistent stretching can lead to greater flexibility. Greater flexibility improves all your range of motions in every exercise you do while further improving your form. This ultimately reduces the chances of any injuries.

Get professional help

If you’re first getting started and you are struggling to determine what routine is best suited for you or you are struggling with performing exercises with good form, Ifeelgood24/7 personal trainers excel in providing individualised plans and training exercises. By getting a professional assessment from one of our trainers, you can determine your weakest links and centre your routine on them.

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