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3 Tips to Find the Right Personal Trainer for You

Personal trainers make all the difference

Whether you’re a workout veteran or just starting to exercise, personal training can have a huge impact on your motivation, technique and results. However, it takes more than fitness to make a good personal trainer.

Before you pick a PT, you need to check that they know their stuff, and that they’re able to help you exercise the way that’s right for you. Do it right, and your personal trainer can become one of the most important people in your life.

Here are three easy tips to guarantee you get a competent and dedicated personal trainer:

1. Qualifications and experience

Personal trainers need to be qualified before they can offer classes. Personal training courses include the standard Certificate IV in Fitness – Personal Trainer, and the more advanced Diploma of Fitness.

First aid and CPR certificates are also really important for any personal trainer, so make sure they have both. Think about it; if you’re going to be pushing yourself to the limit, you want someone there to save the day if you go too far.

Experience is just as important as qualifications. For proof that your PT gets results, ask to speak to other clients your they have worked with, whose age, sex and fitness goals match your own.


2. Personalisation

There’s no one ultimate exercise plan to suit everyone. Everyone has different workout needs and goals, so you need a personal trainer who will cater to yours. Tell your PT whether you want gentle encouragement or enthusiastic shouting, to run a marathon or just fit into your favourite jeans.

Make sure your personalities gel. Everything about your workout gets easier when you feel comfortable enough to ask questions. The two of you should be a team, willing to take on the other’s feedback so you can reach your goal together.

3. Holistic approach to health

You work out to get fit, but fitness is only one part of your overall health. A great personal trainer will care about every part of your health, not just how well your abs are coming along. This means guiding you on healthy eating, restful sleep, and exercising your whole body as well as your target areas.

A holistic approach to health goes beyond the body to tap into the mind and spirit. This helps you form positive attitudes about your workout to make the impossible possible, reduce stress and boost endorphin release after exercise. With the right personal trainer and a holistic approach to health, you’ll be well on your way to lifelong fitness and well-being.