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Refuel After Your Indooroopilly Workout

Cafe foodIf you want to eat out and workout, Indooroopilly is the place to be.

Making sure that you refuel after a particularly big workout is really important for any gym-goer. Not only does this provide essential nutrients to nourish your body, but eating after a workout can help you find your new favourite place to eat.

Thankfully we’ve found the top Indooroopilly food spots to mix up your workout routine a little.

Whether you train morning, noon or night, ifeelgood 24/7 Indooroopilly gym-goers can be sure to find a good, nutritious meal that will preserve your hard-earned physique.

Here are our favourite Indooroopilly cafes to try after your next workout.

6 Indooroopilly Eateries to Try After Your Workout

Refreshments for the Early Riser

  1. The Humble Quinoa: As well as offering traditional breakfast options like muesli and omelettes, this cafe also has some awesome drinks that are the ideal accompaniment to an after-gym meal. There’s a super-healthy green smoothie that features kale and spinach, plus a range of freshly squeezed fruit juices to add some zest to your day!
  2. Wray Organic: If you don’t mind spending a little more on your breakfast for an all-organic menu, this place boasts delicious brekkie bowls. With acai, goji and chia options, as well as a range of crazy-healthy organic refreshments, you can’t go wrong.

Midday Pick-me-ups

  1. Phuc Deli Viet Takeaway: If you’re in need of a quick and healthy lunch, this Vietnamese eatery has a nourishing and flavoursome menu that includes crispy chicken with rice and vegies, pho and laksa.
  2. Corbett & Claude: How does great a great Indooroopilly food spot with an even better atmosphere sound? Then check out this new gem that’s situated within the shopping centre. It offers elegant furnishings and a range of nifty ‘nourish’ pizzas that feature toppings like beetroot, chia seeds, rocket and sweet potato.

Dinners for the Night Owl

  1. Ole Fuego: For fans of Latino fare, this restaurant is a great place to take your gym buddies and share a light meal, like tapas, after your Indooroopilly workout sesh.
  2. Splice by Naveed: If you’re into Indian food, you’ll be spoilt for choice with this restaurant’s varied range. Choices include meats, breads and main meal accompaniments, such as their sweet mango chutney or yoghurt and cucumber Raita.