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10 Push-Up Variations for Every Fitness Level

young man doing wide grip push up on grass in summer parkIf someone were to ask you what your favourite type of exercise is, we’re guessing that push-ups wouldn’t be top of your list.

But whatever reason you have for avoiding them, the overall health and strength building benefits far outweigh any temporary discomfort you might experience.

The reality is that if you don’t try to push yourself beyond your comfort zone during a workout, then you’re unlikely to see results any time soon. After all, there’s no gain without a little pain!

You don’t have to do push-ups that make top athletes break a sweat—there are a range of different types of push-ups to suit everyone, from the exercise newbie to the fitness fanatic.

Here are 10 awesome push-up variations to spice up your usual routine, ranging from basic to pretty darn challenging:

1. Standard push up

Step 1: For a regular pec and shoulder workout, position yourself into the traditional plank pose, lying face-down, knees touching the floor, feet together and upper body elevated about 5cm from the ground.

Step 2:  Extend your arms out to the front, elbows at around 45 degrees, then tighten your stomach muscles as you straighten out then drop yourself down until your chest makes contact with the floor then push back up to the starting point to complete a single rep.

2. The wide grip push-up

Step 1: Extend your hands out a little wider than usual (beyond shoulder width) and gradually move them in with each push up movement so that you target your pecs and triceps, as well as keeping your shoulders strong.

3. The diamond

Step 1: Place your elbows close to your chest and form a diamond shape with your hands, but take care not to put too much strain on your wrists. This is probably one of the trickiest forms of push-up but works a treat on your triceps!

4. The front clap

Step 1: Start of in the ordinary push-up position then use all your strength to lift up from the floor so that you are able to clap your hands together in front of you before resuming the starting position.

With a few repetitions you should feel effects on your chest muscles.

This technique is like a mini boot camp session!

5. T push up

Step 1: To work the muscles throughout your body, raise one of your arms directly above you.

Step 2: Repeat on the opposite side, keeping your eyes focused on your hand.

Female athlete doing push ups on beach6. Single leg push up

Step 1: Elevate one of your legs while doing a normal push up.

Step 2: Switch to your other leg and reap the benefits of toned abs.

7. Feet-elevated push up

Step 1: Find a slightly raised, stable item of furniture to raise your feet onto while performing a push-up so that your upper body receives maximum effect.

8. Side-to-side push-up

Step 1: Begin in the normal position but incline towards the left as you bend toward the ground.

Step 2: Once you’re back where you started, do the same for your right arm and feel that burn!

9. Knuckle push up

Step 1: A great one for martial artists, simply place your weight on your knuckles instead of your hands during a standard push-up.

10. Isometric push up

Step 1: This stamina building technique involves keeping your body suspended near the floor and holding for 10 seconds or more before pushing back up.

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