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Accelerate Your Fitness with FIT – The 6 Week Fitness Sprint

Welcome to your personalised 6-week fitness sprint.

It’s time to start unlocking consistency and accelerating your fitness potential.

Do you know where you stand?

Each body is different. Every goal is different. The FIT Sprint knows this and starts you with a complete body composition analysis to understand the breakdown of your body mass as a whole. It then measures your aerobic capacity with a tried-and-true beep test.

By analysing your results at the start and end of the six weeks, the FIT Sprint tracks your progress in:

  1. Increasing muscle-mass
  2. Decreasing water-weight and body fat
  3. Neutralising body mass balance
  4. Increasing overall general health and wellbeing
  5. Increasing aerobic capacity

Are you looking for a genuine approach to fitness training?

It’s hard to achieve results alone, and you won’t get there by repeatedly flogging yourself to get into shape. Instead, we can use science to tells us everything we need to know to start seeing progress.

By incorporating variety, the FIT training method offers a mix of performance sessions including:

With eight additional specialised programs, you can complement your regular performance sessions and maximise your results.

Add in the Heart Rate Monitors for a realistic representation of what you’ve accomplished each session. Even if you haven’t run as fast, or thrown as far as someone else, you will know if you’re reaching your full potential (which is far more satisfying).

How do I ensure I stay motivated throughout?

There’s a big difference in results when you’re accountable to yourself versus being accountable to someone else. After all, what else keeps you going?

First, plan and commit to a tailored workout schedule, based on your unique goals and prepared by a qualified trainer.

Then, we promise to keep you on the hook through ongoing check-ins and our accountability tracker to ensure you see the progress you want.

Are you looking to be motivated by other like-minded people?

A common objective unites a team and we understand that feeling supported is one of the most important elements in staying committed to your goals.

No one wants to feel like they’re going through it alone… so FIT is designed to help you build with your fellow participants outside of just the Performance Sessions.

Join our weekly challenges for that crucial all-important dose of healthy competition and connect with others on the same wavelength. Keep each other accountable and eventually combine efforts to win the esteemed Best Club trophy at the end of the six weeks.

Ready to kick your results into overdrive?

Good nutrition is the only way to see genuine results in the FIT Sprint. While the Performance Sessions will help start seeing results right away, the right nutrition will reinforce your physical progress. And just like a properly formulated workout schedule, nutrition also needs to be tailored for you.

The FIT Sprint will give you your optimal daily caloric intake and macronutrient count* to enhance your training, while an in-house nutritionist provides you with the right advice for meal planning.

Over time, you can start to put in even more physical efforts that the Performance Sessions deserve.

*Don’t worry if some of those words seem confusing – we’ll be sure to explain it all when you join!

If this sounds like you…. It’s time to get FIT!

Accelerate your fitness with a personalised six-week program, tailored toward growth and momentum.

This isn’t your generic fitness challenge. The FIT sprint is a specialised program designed by science and run by professionals.

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